I’m Laymoni Morrison, your future Data Scientist, who:


  • Is a college student!
  • Loves Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Wants to find solutions to complex problems
  • Has a deep fascination to explore, analyze, and make meaningful discoveries with data
  • At the end of the day, never stops exploring new horizons in this exciting field

About Me!


I’m Laymoni Morrison, a passionate Data Science student at Chapman University, where I’m enriching my expertise with a minor in Leadership Studies. My journey in data science is driven by a keen interest in AI alignment and mitigating bias in data systems, skills I’ve honed through engaging in advanced data analysis and robotics projects.

I am proficient in programming languages like Python, C++, and R, I’ve applied my skills in a variety of contexts – from predicting student outcomes using Kaggle datasets to designing innovative projects like YoBot, an automated delivery robot enhancing campus logistics.

My leadership abilities shine through my active participation in the Chapman Robotics Club and my role in collaborative projects. These experiences have not only enhanced my coding and data processing skills but also allowed me to develop strong problem-solving, adaptability, and organizational skills.

When I’m not immersed in data science and robotics, I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, cooking, and embracing new experiences through travel.

My Skills





Data Analysis & Visualization


Machine Learning Algorithms


C++ Programming


R Programming


Project Management


Team Collaboration & Leadership


Creative Problem-Solving


Communication Skills


Artificial Intelligence

My Recent Projects

Kaggle Dataset

Utilizing a Kaggle dataset, I successfully predicted student outcomes by uncovering key predictors and clustering students, leveraging PCA and data analysis in Python and R.

Chapman YoBot!

My SCI Group at Chapman and our goal is to create an autonomous service robot!

Figma App

I created an app in Figma to help students relax and study.

Blog & ChatBot! Coming Soon