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“My leadership philosophy is rooted in my values of self-respect, competency, achievement, collaboration, and challenge. By integrating elements of Transformational leadership, I aim to create an environment where my team feels respected, competent, and motivated to achieve great things together. I believe that through collaboration and embracing challenges, we can grow stronger and reach new heights of success.” ~ Laymoni Morrison

“As a follower, I will actively participate, speak up, support my leaders, continuously learn, and foster teamwork. By being engaged and proactive, I contribute to the success of the team and help create a collaborative and positive work environment.” ~ Laymoni Morrison

Passionate About AI and ML Innovation

I am Laymoni, a dedicated AI and machine learning enthusiast with a Masters’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a focus on Data Intelligence and a Bachelor’s degree in Data Science with a minor in Leadership studies from Chapman University. My deep interest in AI drives me to explore innovative solutions and push the boundaries of technology.

What sets me apart:

My minor in Leadership Studies has provided me with valuable skills in collaboration and team management. I have learned to foster a collaborative environment where every team member feels empowered and valued. These leadership classes have also enhanced my engineering studies by improving my ability to work effectively in group settings, leading to more successful and cohesive project outcomes.

Combining my technical expertise with strong leadership, I strive to drive innovation and deliver outstanding results in AI and machine learning projects.

Key Projects

AI/ML-Powered Innovations

AI Chatbot

Developed an AI-driven chatbot for my website that delivers instant, context-aware responses, cutting user response time and enhancing the overall user experience.

Voice Alteration Project

Created a mesmerizing “Happy Birthday” recording by using advanced machine learning to replicate the voice of a famous deceased person, enhanced with high-quality sound effects.

Automated Delivery Robot - YoBot!

Led the creation of YoBot, an innovative delivery robot that enhances campus logistics and reduces food insecurity by optimizing delivery routes and integrating computer vision to minimize errors.

Kaggle Dataset

Utilizing a Kaggle dataset, I successfully predicted student outcomes by uncovering key predictors and clustering students, leveraging PCA and data analysis in Python and R.

Figma App

Designed a Figma app to help students study and relax, providing tools and resources to enhance their learning experience and well-being.

WiDS Datathon++ University Challenge

As Team Lead, I developed a predictive model using an oncology dataset to forecast treatment timelines for women with metastatic triple breast cancer, utilizing Python for advanced machine learning techniques like neural networks and XGBoost.

Core Competencies


Artificial Intelligence

Expertise in developing advanced AI algorithms and models to solve complex problems.


Machine Learning

Proficient in building and deploying machine learning solutions for various applications.


Data Analysis

Skilled in extracting actionable insights from complex datasets using statistical methods.


Programming Languages

Experienced in Python, R, Java, SQL, and other programming languages essential for AI/ML development.


AI Tools

Knowledgeable in using TensorFlow, PyTorch, and other AI frameworks for efficient model building.


Project Management

Adept at managing AI/ML projects from conception to deployment, ensuring timely and successful delivery.

Common Inquiries

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about my work and approach in AI.

What is your approach to developing AI and machine learning projects?

I focus on understanding the specific needs of the project and applying the most suitable AI and machine learning techniques to achieve the desired outcomes.

How do you stay updated with the latest AI and machine learning trends?

I regularly attend AI and machine learning conferences, participate in online courses, and follow leading research publications.

Can you work on collaborative AI and machine learning projects?

Absolutely, I enjoy collaborating with teams to bring AI and machine learning innovations to life.

What sets you apart from other AI and machine learning professionals?

My unique blend of technical expertise, creative problem-solving, and passion for AI and machine learning drives me to deliver exceptional results. Additionally, my leadership skills enable me to effectively guide teams and projects to success.

What are some of your notable projects?

Some of my notable projects include developing an AI-powered chatbot, creating a predictive analytics model, and designing an image recognition system.

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